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Better Windows 7 Support
Universal Google Earth Support

RC Altimeter 2 with FXJ Switch
Magellen Technologies now carries the RC Altimeter 2 with FXJ Switch.


Magellan Technologies was started in 1996 to provide embedded hardware and software solutions for the medical and automotive industries. A few years later most of the original partners had moved to other projects leaving me (Ralph Weaver) as sole owner of Magellan Technologies, Inc.

Since then, I've used Magellan Technologies to develop and sell specialized RC products. Due to the demands on my time from my family and real job (www.flexwareinnovation.com), I intend to sell only a limited number of unique products. I only sell products that I use.

I've been flying RC since 1986 progressing from mostly glow to mostly electric. I particularly enjoy electric sailplanes. I've competed in several NATs and won a few events in LMR.

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