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SkyTraceGPS RC GPS Logger

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  • Records Position, Altitude and Ground Speed every second
  • Can log over 100 hours of data
  • Self contained no other devices required
  • Comprehensive Windows software to analyze logs and view in Google Earth

The SkyTraceGPS is a small on-board device which records the latitude, longitude, ground speed and altitude every second. Each time the SkyTraceGPS is powered up it starts a new log file. These log files can be downloaded to a Windows PC where the data can be analyzed and viewed in Google Earth.

More than just an altitude logger. Typical altitude loggers show various altitude and time calculations such as climb rate, the SkyTraceGPS can also show climb angle, ground speed, distance flown, track angle and more. Now you can see the speed at minimum sink, the climb angle at maximum climb rate, sink rate at a specific speed and much more. What happened to the sink rate and speed when you added 5deg camber? Now you know!

The export to Google Earth is not just for pretty pictures. Click on any point on the flight path and see the data for that point: altitude, climb/sink rate, climb/sink altitude, speed and more. Catch a big thermal way down wind? Now you can see the ground features below the plane where you found the lift.

See for yourself. Go to the downloads page and try out the SkyTraceGPS software (you can load the saved filght file) and the Google Earth kml file.

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SkyTraceGPS Packaging


SkyTraceGPS Data Logging Software


SkyTraceGPS Altitude display

SkyTraceGPS Google Earth Export


SkyTraceGPS SeeYou Export

SkyTraceGPS Windows Software

Runs on Windows XP or Vista

Downloads or calulates the following data for each point:

  • GPS Time Code
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Flight Ground Distance
  • Flight 3D Distance
  • Absolute Altitude
  • Altitude Above Ground
  • Climb/Sink Rate
  • Climb/Sink Angle
  • Speed
  • 3D Speed
  • Track Angle
  • Date and Time

Displays Altitude / Time Graph similar to barometric altitude data loggers but by clicking on any point the following data is also displayed:

  • Flight Ground Distance
  • Flight 3D Distance
  • Absolute Altitude
  • Altitude Above Ground
  • Climb/Sink Rate
  • Climb/Sink Angle
  • Speed
  • 3D Speed
  • Track Angle

Esports data to Google Earth displaying the flight track and all data points. By clicking on any point in Google Earth, the altitude, speed, climb rate, climb angle and other data are displayed.

Software status:

We are currently at version 1.1. There are no known bugs.

In a few months we plan to have version 2.0 with an enhanced user interface.



GPS Datalogger Technical Specifications





Length x Width x Height

1.75 x 1.0 in

Weight (with temperature sensor)

0.6 oz

GPS Specs

GPS Engine SiRFstarIII GSC3f/LP


WAAS and EGNOS support


L1, 1.575.42 MHz


20 parallel

C/A Code

1.023 MHz

GPS Fix Times

Reaquisition Fix Time

< 1 second

Hot Start Fix Time

< 1 second

Warm Start Fix Time

< 35 seconds

Cold Start Fix Time

< 42 seconds

GPS Accuracy

Position Accuracy

within 10m

Velocity Accuracy

0.1 m/s

GPS Maximums

Maximum Altitude


Maximum Velocity

514 m/s

Data Log

Data memory

64Mb Flash

Logged data

> 400,000 records of Date, UTC Time, Longitude, Latitude, Altitude, Velocity

Logging interval

1 second

Log duration

> 100 hours


External power connection


Data connection

Mini USB


LED blink codes showing Fix status & memory full


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