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RC Altimeter 2 with FXJ Switch
Magellen Technologies now carries the RC Altimeter 2 with FXJ Switch.



RC Altimeter 2 with FXJ Switch

  • Measure and record altitude over time.
  • LED to flash out max altitude and batery voltage.
  • FXJ Switch to stop motor at set altitude.

The RC Altimeter #2 BASIC was designed to provide a lightweight, compact device for measuring and recording altitude over time and to flash out maximum reached altitude and batery voltage. The concept was taken from designing and developing instruments for glider planes and it is based on an altitude sensor, used in FAI flight loggers. It was designed specifically for use in onboard radio controlled (R/C) aircrafts, however it is also very useful in many other applications. It also provides recorded altitude data to the PC, through a USB interface.


RC Altimeter 2



RC Altimeter 2 Setup Screen


RC Altimeter 2 Flight Screen
RC Altimeter Specifications
  • Lightweight at only 9 grams with JR cable
  • Small · 37 mm x 19 mm x 7 mm
  • Onboard LED to flash out maximum altitude achived in flight, and battery voltage
  • Records altitude data for later review
  • FXJ switch function integrated
  • 64kb of memory
  • PC interface for configuration, firmware updates and data download / review
  • Export data in *.txt format or as JPG image
  • Accepts wide range of input power: 4 20 volts DC. Power it from your aircraft receiver
  • Every unit is tested in presure chamber up to 950m for its accuracy
  • Later upgrade to PRO version is possible
  • USB interface


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Downloads and Manual for RC Altimeter 2 Basic




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