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HiBox Data Logger

  • Measures Voltage, Current, Power and RPM
  • Measures power system parameters
  • Monitors battery charge/discharge
  • Realtime display and data logging
  • Hands free operation
  • Perfect for test stand, bench or field use
Hibox logger is universal device which allows you to record Voltage, Current and Revolutions (RPM) in real time. All data are saved to memory and can be retrieved any time later. You can choose from many different options incl. 50A, 100A and 200A probes. You can also use external current probe (1mV/1A) and measure very high currents.

HiBox also allows you to test accuracy and reliability of your servos. You can test voltage and pulse width on your Receiver. For fast overview of all mentioned tests or values you don't need PC. On HIB display you can view min/max values, capacity, energy etc. Sure in provided PC software you will analyze all details of your measurement.

The HiBox data logger is small enought to function as an onboard data logger in many applications. It can be manually started, or set to start at a specified current.

Technical Specifications
  • Dimensions L85xW58xH15x mm (L3.35xW2.28xH0.59 inch.)
  • Weight 76g (2.60oz.)
  • Sampling rates 0.1-30sec (recorded log time 9min-45hours)
  • Voltage range 4.6-40V DC (RPM probe 8-35V)
  • Voltage resolution 40mV over whole measured range
  • Current range 50 A, 100 A, 200 A, 600 A* continuous (based on installed probe) weight 18g (0.6oz.) incl.signal cable
  • Current probe resolution 50A-0,125A 100A-0,25A 200A 0,5A
  • Communication interface RS232 (optional USB/RS232 adapter)

*external probe like Fluke i410 with 1mv/1A output





Current Probes




RPM Probe
USB/RS232 Adapter


Basic Screen


HIB.EXE download ZIP 530kB ver. 1.0


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